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Pauline Le Caignec a.k.a. KCIDY is full of paradoxes: born under the sign of the in-between, third of five siblings, between the city and the countryside, the Rhône Alpes region and Brittany, Pauline is crossed by apparently contradictory desires but has always refused to choose and this is what makes the richness and the complexity of her career. With a classical/jazz piano background, she started writing pop songs alone in her room on Live Ableton and it's within the indie DIY scene in Lyon that her all-round side was able to blossom, between sound and image: a multi-instrumentalist, she composes for video, theater, directs music videos, and alternates between collective and solo projects.

In Lyon, she joined the group Satellite Jockey and the stable of the label AB Records

under the name of KCIDY two E.P. and a first album, Lost In Space. At the same time she composes and plays drums in Tôle Froide, a synth-punk band with a dazzling success that quickly becomes cult. success which quickly becomes cult among the fans of the genre.Following the meeting with Marie - Mk & Co, her current manager, Pauline launches herself and prepares the release of the second album of KCIDY on the label Vietnam, always in a spirit of independence but well decided so that her songs find a public as broad as possible. Pop songs where melancholy is always present in the background but whose texts, this time entirely in French, are now more open to the world. We can feel the influence of Nature and of the countryside of the Loire Valley which surrounds him from now on, and this permanent tension between and this permanent tension between the future and the memory, the collective and the intimate, the happy and disappointed friendships.

A sound always instinctive which wants to be radically personal and out of any conscious influence, deeply sincere and free, in the image of the musician.  All this is only the beginning. What's next? Unpredictable, unclassifiable, only one thing is sure, Pauline will not be where you expect her.

Record - Publisher  :: Vietnam 

Tour :: AFX

KCIDY Les gens heureux recto.jpg
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