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Halfway between 70's psychedelic rock and heavy rock, the band Komodor keeps this musical trend alive with fuzzy riffs reminding us of influences such as Grand Funk Railroad, James Gang or MC5. A well-oiled machine and an energy under pressure ready to explode on stage. Saturated amps, bass and supersonic drums, this is the cocktail offered by these four rockers from the French west.

"After a first EP in 2019, Komodor repeats with an album, Nasty Habits. It will be released in the fall of 2021 on CD, vinyl and on platforms." Ouest France, 2021

"The four young Bretons of Komodor have long hair but not a short memory. Raised by the distorted riffs of MC5, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and other angry rockers from the "Motor City", the quartet brilliantly revisits the codes of a seventies vintage hard rock by adding a dose of psychedelia. Douarnenez has never seemed so close to Detroit.” Trans Musicales 2020.



Tour :  dionysiac tour
Record :: Soulseller Records
Publisher : Komodor

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