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Komodrag and the Mounodor was born in 2019 from the meeting of two heavy psych rock bands, Moundrag and Komodor.

The 1st artistic meeting is done at the bend of a set of Komodor.

The two members of Moundrag decide to join the band on stage, at the end of their live to play together some songs, mainly covers. And at each co-headlining, the meeting takes place for the biggest pleasure of the public. 

The two groups immediately got along both humanly and musically, so they decided to continue the adventure by creating a "super band": Komodrag and the Mounodor. A wild rock band halfway between CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), Jefferson Airplaine and Grand Funk.

In July 2020, Moundrag receives a proposal of live session of the collective planet pesto, which will decline to propose instead Komodrag and the Mounodor. This will be the first time the "super band" will play its own compositions, like a revival of the big band rock seventies. 

This live session will be sent to Jean-louis Brossard, programmer of the Transmusicales of Rennes, who will directly hook and offer the band a carte Blanche at the Transmusicales 2021. The challenge is big for Komodrag and the Mounodor which has so far three compositions in its repertoire. The group will then compose a one hour set in only 4 months.

The mass is given, like a shamanic incantation, the 7 members of the group, bring us to make a trip between progressive rock and heavy psychedelism, two drums, fuzz guitars, a Hammond organ and obviously, tube amps, for a project with 100% overflowing energy. The live of the Transmusicales of Rennes will be praised by the press and considered as one of the best live of the festival. 

Fueled by the passion of groove and the love of the saturated riff, the two gangs decide to perpetuate the project by accepting a tour in April 2022 in France and Spain and prepare their 1st album.

Tour : dionysiac tour

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