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Komodrag and the Mounodor was born in 2019 from the encounter of two rock/heavy/psych bands, Moundrag and Komodor. The first artistic meeting took place during one of Komodor's sets. The two members of Moundrag decided to join the band on stage at the end of their performance to play a few songs together, mainly covers. And with each joint performance, the encounter delighted the audience. The two groups clicked both personally and musically, thus deciding to continue the adventure by forming a "super band": Komodrag and the Mounodor. An electrifying rock group halfway between CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), Jefferson Airplane, and Grand Funk.

In July 2020, Moundrag received an invitation for a live session from the Planète Pesto collective, which they declined in favor of offering Komodrag and the Mounodor instead. It was the first time the "super band" played their own compositions, evoking a revival of seventies big rock bands. 

This live session was sent to Jean-Louis Brossard, the programmer of the Trans Musicales de Rennes (France), who immediately hooked and offered the group a carte blanche for the festival in December 2021. The challenge was significant for Komodrag and the Mounodor, who until then had only three original compositions in their repertoire. In just four months, the group composed a one-hour set.


The stage was set, as if in a shamanic incantation, the seven members of the band took us on a journey between progressive rock and heavy psychedelia, with two drum kits, fuzz guitars, a Hammond organ, and of course, tube amplifiers, delivering a project brimming with 100% energy. The live performance at the Trans Musicales de Rennes ( France)  was praised by the press and considered one of the best performances of the festival.


Fueled by a passion for groove and a love for saturated riffs, the two gangs decide to solidify the project by accepting a tour starting in April 2022 in France and Spain, comprising more than 30 dates alongside artists like DeWolff and Tankus The Henge, serving as a warm-up before the release of their debut album in October 2023.


The album was enthusiastically received by the French press, with media outlets such as France Inter, France Télévision, Rolling Stone, and Rock and Folk designating them as THE band to follow in 2024. Green Field of Armorica also saw resounding success among the public, with the band playing to packed houses at every release party, whether at the Maroquinerie in Paris, the Vauban in Brest, or in Douarnenez, one of the band's strongholds. Additionally, the album immediately entered the TOP 200 physical sales chart by SNEP in its first week of release. The year 2024 promises to be unquestionably theirs, with a lineup of prestigious festivals already announced. You can catch them at events such as Hellfest (France), Aluna Festival (France),  Francofolies de La Rochelle (France), Festival des Vieilles Charrues (France), as well as in London in June and Portugal in July.

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