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Moow is part of this new generation of producer, who handles the beats with brio by creating contemplative and melancholic tracks on a base of lo-fi / hip-hop. A singular approach, which allows us to transport us in a gloomy universe but always accompanied by a breath of hope. 

Discreet artist, he is part of these French producers who are able to produce captivating music while keeping a secret identity. Approach allowing him to distinguish himself from a generation or the air of 2.0 is omnipresent and thus allows to redefine the auditory experience by leaving the only place to the emotion aroused by his music rather than the cult of personality, often (too) present in post-modern art. 

In January 2017, Moow decided to come out of his silence and unveiled his debut album "I can't tell you how much it hurts" via the German label Vinyl Digital. In just a few months, the album amasses millions of plays worldwide, with among others tracks like "Wake Up" and "you'r in my head" in collaboration with the artist Lotte Kestner. This first opus allowed him to make a name for himself all over the world and to establish his unique musical style in an often formatted universe. 

Nearly 5 years later, he comes back with a new project on a base of predilection Lo-fi : " we are all gonna die in 2050 ". By nature sensitive to what he surrounds, Moow describes to us, like an anticipated future, through these 24 titles, the possible last day that we could live on our planet Earth, and what better way than to start with a "bath in the ocean with you". 

The release of "we are all gonna die in 2050" is scheduled for February 2022 on the label Maju Records and always accompanied by Vinyl digital. In order to wait, Moow will unveil 5 tracks as well as parts of the cover in September, a cover created in close collaboration with the young French artist Sarah Blanc, who imagined how we would look like in 2050.

This odyssey, morose in its purpose, carries against all odds a soft, calm and meditative atmosphere, an instrumental production with a positive beat that carries us in a nostalgic and melancholically happy feeling.

Label :: Maju. Records

​Édition : PeerMusic // CYLID

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