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Somewhere in the west of France, in a student's room, the artist Mounika. is far from imagining the impact that his very first productions will have... 

From a young age, Mounika. already had a passion for music, his great curiosity led him to try his hand at many instruments, eventually gravitating towards the piano. Years go by and as he explores the dense universe of electronic music, his thirst for novelty is constantly growing. Iconic artists such as Bonobo, Air, Moby and Wax Tailor were a great source of inspiration.

With musical production now an integral part of his life, Mounika.'s intention is to offer a dreamlike space, through his music, as his musical influences have done for him before. Mounika.'s inexhaustible creativity blends with his great eagerness to share his music with the world. Mounika. publishes his first productions on SoundCloud, his delicate, sensitive and melancholic melodies never cease to resonate further and further afield, finding new audiences.

In June 2017, together with a group of friends, Mounika. decides to unveil his first album 

"How Are You" on Spotify, which contains among others the track "Cut My Hair". In just a few months and against all odds due to the almost non-existent means of promotion, the track amasses millions of plays throughout the world and allows him to make a name for himself across the Atlantic, and get his first certification: single of Dimmond in March 2021. 

Mounika likes to work these productions to perfection, so four years later he returns with a new project "I need space". 

This new album, released in June 2021, marks a turning point, in a few months "I need space" reaches several millions of plays and is praised by media such as the BBC, KCRW or Indie shuffle. This Opus is a nostalgic, introspective and intense journey, taking us on a memory stroll, between happy memories and unfinished dreams ...   

"Tender love" the flagship track will be placed number 5 on Shazam France in December 2020 and enters the Shazam Predictions 2021 playlist. 

It is from this moment that the magic happens, as if Mounika.'s music has the power to touch a part of sensibility in each of us, a universal shared feeling.

Tour :: Face B

Record :: Maju. Records​ // I.O.T records

Publisher : PeerMusic // CYLID