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MOOW :: "we are all gonna die in 2050"

🌤️ Today is release day.

The new album of Moow "we are all gonna die in 2050" is available on all platforms. 👏🏻 Congratulations to him for this magical album.

👏🏻 Maju. Records & Vinyl Digital for the release.

to Sarah Blncc and Moow for this beautiful #Artwork.

to Alexis Bardin - Globe Audio Mastering for the master.

to Vincent Namont for the guitar on "a tree for friend" and "Take me Hand".

to Mounika. for the participation on "a bath in the ocean with you".

to HYAKU and Nolwenn Aïe for the PR and the animation.

W 🤍 CYLID :: peermusic :: peermusic France

Have a good week-end.

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